Real Estate management and mediation won’t be digital if we can’t trust data

Poor, deeply aggregated and expensive data mixed with unregulated listings and wild positioning strategies that fill the market with replicates and artificial changes, turn the market into this opaque jungle of obfuscating and unreliable information.

It is challenging to unravel layers of meaning and aggregation as this phenomenon radically affects analytical data, processes automation and prediction-based decision making.

Our Vision

A reliable, transparent and self-regulated Digital Real Estate market is possible. In it, assets should be digitally transferable to reduce costs, bureaucracy and speculation.

Our Mission

We bring together data from very different sources and sanitize it in order to provide trust around Real Estate data as the only mean to facilitate automation and predictions.

Our Solution

Our SaaS enable online automatic processes, based on sanitized market data and official sources, in order to digitalize transactions through different market segments.

The Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with strong technical background and solid Real Estate business and market knowledge.

We have been working together for over five years, shaping innovative ideas and new business models to deploy lean highly scalable cloud products and data processing technologies. A deep understanding of pains and restrictions of the current real estate market, combined with a thorough validation process, set the basis the team resolution to revolutionise the market dynamics and workflows.

Our technology

We deploy state-of-the-art technologies in scalability, massive data processing, computer vision and machine learning to make better decisions.

We process data spread accross different listing sites and official sources, trails of each asset or action that takes place in the real estate market. Some countries already have public recods for some of the information required to facilitate transparency but most are far from that.

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