Artificial Intelligence powered digital advisory in acquisition and portfolio management

Automatically enhance each asset with our data, structure your portfolio and run batch AVMs within seconds.
This is just the begining!


Digitalize your business processes and improve the speed and accuracy of your decision-making

Cut down operational expensses by centralizing your data sources in a single tool. Automate advisory in acquisition as well as asset management processes and keep track of every market move with daily updates, including your portfolio valuation.


Digital Advisory Revolution

Work your assets in our Professional Valuation Environment

From AVM to DriveIn blazing fast


Enhance your Real Estate portfolio

Import your assets with a simple XLS template or integrate your systems with our API. Once you load your portfolio we harmonize, geolocate and structure the portfolio and complete each asset with typology, features, sizes and facade picture. We also embed cadastral profiles and different Google Maps Views. Finally each asset is AVM valued with a customizable algorithm. Radically improve valuation speed and accuracy for every protfolio adquisition or just import effortless all your managed assets.

Manage your valuation team tasks

Overview your team members activity. Define different valuation strategies. Assign each user a different sets of assets, by use, value, location or your own criteria. View progress and recive status notificaitons or remarcable events alers. Update your valuations periodically and automatically detect any market event that may affect the value of your assets. Automate valuation report generation and distribution.

Manual valuation has never been so automatic

Work each asset on an interactive profile, with access to every map view and required data, geolocated and referenced. Filter data by asset location or compare it to similar zones. Use information from similar assets. Attach pictures and documents to each valuation. Edit auto completed data acording to your own criteria. Review changes and recover valuation previous states. Export every piece of data to differnt format files or directly through API.