We speed up the global transition to fully digital Real Estate

Digital Real Estate market is a jungle of ambiguous, unreliable, replicated and fraudulent advertisements. It is a challenge for both professionals and private users to get reliable information and this phenomenon deeply affects the value and usability of market analysis.

In the Information Age it is an anomaly that Real Estate market does not have the advantages of technology. Very soon, Real Estate mediation will be fully digital... or it won't be at all.


Our Vision

To contribute with our experience and efforts to stabilize and to provide transparency of a market that is one of the main engines of our country's economy and, for many, the market in which they will make the biggest investment of their lives.

Our Mission

A more dynamic fully-digital Real Estate market that exploits all the advantages of current technology, smoothing out the frictions that both users and professionals encounter on a daily basis. A market in which the operation is as dynamic as the stock markets.

Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team that combines extensive experience in the Real Estate market and state-of-the-art technologies.

Specialisation in the development of hyperscalable cloud solutions and data processing technologies, combined with a deep knowledge of operations and the limitations of the current Real Estate market, form the basis of a digitalisation process that seeks to revolutionise the way in which information is managed in a market that moves half a million sale operations per year just in Spain

Our technology

We deploy state-of-the-art technologies in scalability, massive data processing, computer vision and machine learning to make better decisions

We process data spread accross different listing sites and official sources, trails of each asset or action that takes place in the real estate market. Some countries already have public recods for some of the information required to facilitate transparency but most are far from that.


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