Revolutionize your Real Estate marketing processes

Calculate every possible scenario for each asset, choose the best marketing channels and track every step of the process.

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Analyse the different possibilities that your portfolio can offer and increase profitability


Analyse each applicable business model and plan the asset development and improvement

Consider all possible costs, taxes, etc. related to the asset management and marketing

RESIDELIA analyzes relevant market information to find out the theoretical profitability of the different business models proposed for each asset. Cost analysis, terms and returns associated to each investment. Understand the average period of sale or rent for each type in each location.


Pick the best realtor to market your assets

Assess realtors in the asset area with their scorecard and decide which is the best for each type of asset

Use market analysis to define which is the most suitable real estate broker for each type of asset in each local market. Monitor the average deviation of the published prices of your assets from those of the same typology. Get the most of the available information.

Track the asset marketing process

Monitor in real-time the whole process: leads, home tours, bids, etc

Improve your processes by knowing from the source and in real time, the management of the tarding of each asset. Save time in reporting tasks and look for explanations and solutions to the lack of information about the process.


The new digital user experience

Run a detailed monitoring of realtors' activity by analysing their digital footprint. Visualize their activity, characteristics and location of their portfolio, commercial strategy, rotation, exclusivity and deadlines.

Monitor KPIs of your assets, generated by the activity of your brokers on online applications, designed to improve their business logic.

Expand your realtors network and let your assets define the most appropriate one. Improve the performance of each broker, encourage competition for marketing your assets and automate asset allocation and reporting.

Reduce bureaucracy in the asset management. Simplify the relationship with your customers and supply and maintenance contracts through our third party tools.


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